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, or bring in from the garden the stuffs that had been washed. As each day elapsed, Callippides became more and more depressed. One night, as he sat half erect on his couch,


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unable to sleep, he saw through the open door a narrow ray of light which fell upon the flags in the courtyard. Surprised, he rose; the light came from Manes’ room. Fearing t

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hat the old man might be ill, he went to him at once. Manes was sitting working on a pair of sandals,84 whose straps were not in the best condition. When Callippides entered, he was evidently startled and confused and tried to hide something behind his chair. “What are you doing, Manes?” asked Callippides. “Putting new straps to a pair of old sandals.” “Whose are they?” “Mine.” “And these?” asked Callippides, taking from behind the chair a pair of little sandals for a child seven or eight years old, “are these yours too?” Manes silently trie

d his eyes with almost a father’s tendernes


d to avoid his master’s eye. Callippides now understood something of which hitherto he had not thought, and knew to whom he owed the frugal meals which had been set before him during the last few days. Yet he said nothing. Callippides was


a man of few words. He stood still a moment gazing silently at the old slave, who scarcely knew whether he might venture to continue his work or not. Suddenly Callippides laid his hand upon his shoulder and said with a strange gentleness in hi


s voice: “Go to rest. Manes; you have worked enough to-day.” The old man seized his master’s hand and kissed it. At that moment he would have died for him. The next day Callippides, contrary to his usual custom, went out into the gard


en before noon. Some presentiment told him that this time it would not be in vain. He had remained there only a few minutes85 when, through the half open door of the next house, he fancied he heard a child’s voice utter Melitta’s name. Almos


t at the same moment the young girl came out, accompanied by an old


female slave. Taking from her hand a graceful jug, she began to wate


r the rarer flowers which were planted nearest to the house. Then sh


e searched for buds, removed the withered blossoms, and tied up the


drooping branches; in short, she busied herself a long time among th


e flowers, and at every movement her slender figure displayed some f


resh girlish charm. To-day she wore on her dark locks a gold clasp which fastened a blue fillet above her brow, and her white garment was trimmed with a double border of the same color. It seemed to Callippides that the young girl looked a little graver, but even more beautiful than when he first saw her. As she came to the clump of bushes nearest to the next garden she perceived Callippides. The slave, who was holding a red umbrella over her young mistress’ head, followed the direction of her glance, but had scarcely caught sight of the sycophant when she dropped th

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e umbrella and seized the girl’s arm as though some danger threatened her. Melitta turned in astonishment, and the slave hastily uttered a few wor

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ds which made her mistress frown. She seemed to contradict her attendant, who became more and more vehement. Callippides had sharp ears—he was a s

ollowing d

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ycophant—and the distance from the two speakers to the spot86 where he stood was only thirty or forty paces. First he caught one of the slave’s word

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